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What is the FIRST Robotic Competition? From the outside, the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a robotics competition for high school level students.  Students from across the world will be challenged with a game that robots will compete in. Then, as a team, they must design, build, document, and test their robot for competition season, where their robot will play the revealed game against other teams’ robots.  FRC has gotten so big that the organization had to have two world championships to fit all of the teams across the world that qualified. What makes FIRST, the parent organization of four separate robotics competitions, including FRC, different is that the robots are just one aspect of the greater picture.  In FIRST, the name of the game is collaboration.  The competitions are not about destroying the other team. They are about competing with all you got and helping any team that wants it.  What is the point of being number 1 if number 2 could not do their best? That’s not to say that the competitions are easy, for, within the arena, nothing is held back.


FIRST ROBOTICS TEAM meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 PM-5 PM. Even if you can not make all 3 meetings try to make 2 or 1 day.


If you want to join the team, send an email to Mr. Bayram at


For more information, please see the related newsletter posting here.

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