Amazing Season Start from TEAM ILLUSION!

The First Robotics Kick Off at CMIT High School on Saturday was amazing. We had the participation of four teams: Parkdale High School’s Teams – Robopanthers, Irrational Engineers, and Blade Runners – and CMIT’s Team Illusion! More than 70 people including students, mentors, engineers, and parents all came out to join us and watch the new season’s game presentation!

The program started at 9:00am with a nice breakfast. Then, organizers reviewed the rules and procedures for this upcoming season and teams received the FIRST Robotics “kit of parts.“ Later, the Irrational Engineers made a presentation to the students about safety procedures, since safety is really first at FIRST Robotics! Finally, Team Illusion reviewed inventory and went on planning the new season’s robot.

Please see the related newsletter post here for more information.

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