Recycling Day Art Contest

Do you want the opportunity to put your creativity to the test and possibly win an Amazon, Netflix, or Game Stop gift card? Well, this contest is just for you! CMIT’s Green School of the MAEOE is hosting a Recycling Day Art contest where students use recyclable materials to create a form of art. Recycling Day, also known as America Recycles Day, is celebrated on November 15. This day highlights the importance of preserving Earth’s natural and primary resources and raises awareness about recycling.

Students, parents, and/or staff will submit a photo of their art, along with a description of how they created it and what they do personally to contribute to the environment. Submissions should be made by November 21st.

There will be three winners in total for the most creative piece of art, with winners being announced on November 27th. The winners will appear in the district newsletter, yearbook, appear on CMIT’s twitter, and will be interviewed for further information on their design by the Green School team. Hope to see some creative projects and let your creativity shine. Go Green Tigers!

* This contest is part of our CMIT certification maintenance
** Prices will be sponsored by parents in progress
*** Photos are going to be sent to the Property of CMIT, used for educational purposes

For further information, contact Dr. Clarke at for specifics.

Created by Green school Club Member
Morgan Pringle; 11th grade


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