Application Open for Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Program

Give your talented math and science students the confidence to own, shape, and decide their future. Introduce them to Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Innovation where we are reimagining engineering – one future at a time.
The application ( is now open for the Spring Session: January 25 – April 23, 2021.
“The best part of this module was continously remodeling my project and learning through trial and error until I got the result I wanted as it felt satisfying when I reached my end product.”
Created by Johns Hopkins faculty, this fully online course is designed to be equally challenging, collaborative, interactive as it is fun. Students will model human efficiency, the cardiovascular system, and design experiments to test these models and more. And students have the opportunity to earn college credit. Like you, we understand the importance of stimulating the inner drive of students and giving them access to opportunities to ignite this. That’s why, together, we can reimagine the future of engineering. Please take a look at the requirements and share BMEI with parents and students.
Contact us with any questions (
Sincerely, Johns Hopkins University
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