SAT Practice Tests

Dear 11th-grade Students and Parents,

The 11th-grade year is the most important year for college preparation. A better part of this preparation goes through getting desirable test scores for college applications and scholarships that you will be applying for during the Senior year. Throughout our SAT prep programs, CMIT students continue to get the best scores in the county and the state. Below you will see our average scores for the last year’s SAT.

– CMIT Mean score: 1032 (Went up by 21 points)
– PGCPS mean score: 886 (Went down by 5 points)
– Maryland mean score: 920 (Went down by 12 points)

As a school community, we should continue to do the hard work needed to create the best opportunities for colleges and scholarships. While students will be getting instructional support and practice during their college summit classes, we will also implement Full-Length SAT practice tests on Saturdays, one per month until March. Please mark your calendar for the practice test dates shown below and use the form to register.

Note: Research shows that taking full-length practice tests help students to overcome the testing anxiety as well as becoming familiar with the content and timing of the testing.

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