CMIT-N Students were at the BEYA2020 STEM Global Competitiveness Conference on Friday, February 14th. The field trip was very informative, interactive and fun! Students enjoyed the trip and are looking for the next one, according to the feedback!

Students had three different workshops during the trip:

1) See it, Build it… Game on! by Boeing Company. Students had a chance to try VR (Virtual Reality) goggles to make a rocket and to build an electrical circuit. The session was run by engineers who graduated from top universities of the US such as JHU and MIT!

2) Students visited a career hall for the 2nd workshop where they had a chance to meet many companies such as Lockheed Martin, Aerotek, Boston Scientific, Leidos, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, etc. (There were 89 in total.) Students gained an idea about their possible STEM career options and looked for internships at the same time. In addition, they received gifts from companies and observed cool demonstrations such as Liquid Nitrogen`s fast change of state and TESLA coils’ sparks formed by around 300 000 V potential difference.

3) During the 3rd workshop, students received an informative and interactive “Financial Aid” seminar. They found answers to their questions.

The final part of the trip was lunchtime. Students had three options for lunch. While most students preferred having lunch at Chipotle and McDonald’s, a few students preferred the Italian kitchen.

As a final note, more STEM field trips are on the way. (Next Year) STEM field trips are organized to incentivize the students who are in STEM teams. Only students who are in STEM teams will be able to attend STEM field trips.

Hurry up! You can join a STEM team!

Available STEM Teams to join:

SeaPerch Team

VEX Robotics

FIRST Robotics

Math Olympiad Team

MDOT-TRAC Bridge Building Team

Science Olympiad Team



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