My name is Natalie Gaudette. I am happy to introduce myself as the Professional School Counselor for grades 9 – 12 at CMIT Academy North. I grew up in Connecticut and attended Bacon Academy in Colchester, Connecticut before moving to Maryland to attend the University of Maryland, College Park where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Family Science. After completing a year of service as a City Year AmeriCorps member working at Kramer Middle School in Southeast DC, I returned to The Graduate School at the University of Maryland, College Park where I earned my Master’s of Education in School Counseling.

I am very passionate about post-secondary education access for all students. I truly believe that all students have the ability to succeed if given the resources and support to do so. As a Professional School Counselor, I strive to provide these resources and interventions to allow students to have the best chance to meet their academic, behavioral, and college and career goals. My Comprehensive School Counseling Program has a theme of care, compassion, and inclusiveness, which I believe to be important components of a supportive school environment. I also consider myself to be a strong advocate for students who identify in the LGBT+ community.

While I occasionally accept walk-in appointments when I am available, please understand that that is not always going to be a possibility. If you ever need to reach me, please feel free to call the main office (240-767-4080) or email me directly at Email is my preferred mode of communication. I try to answer emails within 24 hours. Wishing everyone a great School Year! So excited to work with you all here at CMIT Academy North!

School CEEB Code

For your convenience, the College Entrance Examination Board Code for CMIT is 210722.

Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Prevention

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation have no place at CMIT. Whether it happens in the hallways, in the cafeteria, or online, such behavior can create hostile learning environments that interfere with students’ ability to strive academically, emotionally, and physically. Bullying is unwanted behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated over time with the intent to cause harm. Bullying behavior may include: making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physical or verbally, and deliberately excluding someone from a group.

If you would like to report instances of bullying, harassment, or intimidation, please complete the Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting form available on the wall of your Counselor’s office. Keep one copy and give the other to your counselor or an administrator so they can start an investigation. A meeting will be scheduled with all parties to discuss findings and develop a plan of support.

Student Service Learning Hours

Independent Student Service Learning Hours are a graduation requirement. Please see the Student Service Learning Hours tab under “Graduation Requirements” for more information and a link to the downloadable Service Hours form.

Transcript Requests

Please download the following form to request a transcript from your counselor. After your counselor receives the form and accompanying envelopes, they will do their best to get the transcript to you as quickly as possible, but please allow up to ten school days for your request to be completed. CMIT Academy Transcript Request Form