Distance Learning FAQs

CMIT North HS Distance Learning FAQs

* The answers in this document are based on current information. However, we are in a fluid situation. This information is subject to change, and we will make our best effort to keep it updated.

Fourth Quarter Grading: 

  1. How will grading work for the fourth quarter?
    1. Students will continue to receive assignments and grades from their teachers. However, at the end of the quarter, students will receive a grade of Pass or Incomplete rather than a numeric grade. Averages of 60% or higher will be passing. Averages of 59% or lower will be incomplete.
  2. How will the pass/incomplete be completed?
    1. Averages of 60% or higher will be passing. 
    2. Averages of 59% or lower will be incomplete.
  3. Will grades be put into SchoolMAX?
    1. Yes. Teachers will provide, grade, and enter these grades into SchoolMAX.
  4. Will seniors be affected?
    1. There are no exemptions for seniors regarding coursework. They are expected to complete the work their teachers assign.    
  5. Can students choose between the Pass/Incomplete or entering a grade?
    1. No. The only grading option for the fourth quarter is Pass/Incomplete.
  6. How will final grades be calculated?  How does this affect my GPA?
    1. The final grade for each course will be calculated based on grades from Quarters 1, 2, and 3.  Students who receive a Pass in the fourth quarter will have three points (quality points) added to their final grade.
    2. Based on current information, GPAs will be calculated based on the final grade that was calculated from Quarters 1, 2, and 3.
  7. How will this affect my child’s transcript that is sent to colleges?
    1. The final grade for each course will be listed on your child’s transcript with a note that the final grade comprises grades for Quarters 1, 2, and 3 and that fourth quarter instruction occurred online. 
  8. What is the motivation for students to try hard and learn the material if the fourth quarter is only Pass/Incomplete and does not count towards their final grade?
    1. Students who earn a P for the fourth quarter will have three points (quality points) added to their final grade.
    2. In many courses, students will be expected to know the content from the fourth quarter when they start their new courses next school year. This may also be an opportunity for students to build or maintain skills and character that will help them as they start the next school year.
  9. Will school be extended in summer?
    1. As of right now, PGCPS has indicated that the last day of school for students is June 16.  The county will provide updates if this changes.
  10. Will students have to attend summer school?
    1. Students who fail a course and need to repeat it will need to attend summer school or take it again during the regular school year.  A student fails a course if their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter grades (including any quality points earned) do not add up to at least 180.  
    2. Example:
      1. Quarter 1: 70%, Quarter 2: 50%, Quarter 3: 65% 
        1. Passing because the sum of each quarter is 185.
      2. Quarter 1: 55%, Quarter 2: 50%, Quarter 3: 59%
        1. Failing because the sum of each quarter is 164.  This student will need to attend summer school to move onto the next course next school year.
      3. Quarter 1: 55%, Quarter 2: 50%, Quarter 3: 59%, Quarter 4: 3 quality points
        1. Passing because the sum of each quarter and the quality points is 167
  11. How will students be promoted to the next grade?
    1. Students need to earn a specific number of credits for each grade level and pass their English course each year.  Students earn credits by passing each course. 
      1. To enter the 10th grade, students need to earn 5 credits, which must include 1 credit of English. 
      2. To enter the 11th grade, students need to earn 10 credits, which must include 2 credits of English, 1 credit of Math, 1 credit of Social Studies, and 1 credit of Science. 
      3. To enter the 12th grade, students need to earn 14 credits, which must include 3 credits of English, 2 credits of Math, 2 credits of Social Studies, and 2 credits of Science. 

Distance Learning Model:

  1. What does the model look like?
    1. As of April 14th, each teacher is scheduled for a 30-60 minute session once a week.  Teachers may be doing a live lesson, recorded lesson, and/or office hours.  Students should check their Google Classroom regularly for updates about lessons and assignments.  
    2. Students will receive two assignments each week from each class.  Please make sure to follow the submission deadlines teachers set.
    3. Schedule: CMIT North HS Distance Learning Schedule
  2. If my student is struggling with the content, what resources will be available?
    1. Students should reach out to their teachers as soon as they recognize they are struggling to determine what help is available.
    2. Students also may use online resources such as Khan Academy.
    3. If students feel that peer-to-peer support would be helpful, they can reach out to Ms. Gaudette to see if there is a student available to provide virtual tutoring. This is not guaranteed, but it may certainly be requested!
  3. How do I get access to my student’s Google Classroom, so I can help assist and monitor my student?  Do you have any resources for parents to help with Google Classroom?
    1. Please reach out to your student’s teachers to get access to Google Classroom.
    2. Google Classroom Parent Resource  
  4. When does this begin?
    1. Distance learning began April 14th, but as you know, many of our teachers have already been conducting online learning since we left.
    2. Note that any assignments given between March 31st to April 3rd were graded for the fourth quarter.
  5. How will students be tested?
    1. Each teacher will determine how best to conduct testing in their classroom.  Please monitor Google Classroom for assignments and tests.
  6. How long do teachers have to respond to questions/emails?
    1. Per PGCPS policy, teachers have 48 hours excluding non-work days to respond to contact from parents and students.
  7. How long do students have to complete each assignment?
    1. Core Classes: Students have two school days to complete assignments from the time the lesson is taught.  Please make sure to pay attention to teacher deadlines for each assignment on Google Classroom.
    2. Elective Classes: Students have one week to complete assignments from the date the assignment is posted.  Please make sure to pay attention to teacher deadlines for each assignment on Google Classroom.
  8. How much work can we expect to be given?
    1. Teachers are expected to provide at least 30 minutes of a lesson each week and for each lesson, they are required to provide 2 assignments.  
  9. Will all classes get instruction (including ones with long-term substitutes)?
    1. All classes will receive instruction.  Please view the CMIT North HS Distance Learning Schedule.
  10. How will teachers provide feedback to the students?
    1. Google Classroom and many other platforms that our teachers use are able to provide feedback and grades directly on the assignment.  
  11. Will teachers and the school counselor be reaching out to parents with concerns about students’ grades as they usually do?
    1. Yes. Our teachers and counselor will be monitoring grades and contacting parents when there are concerns.

State Standardized Testing:

  1. What testing is affected?
    1. All state testing has been cancelled for this school year.  
    2. The tests that are cancelled are:
      1. MCAP Algebra 1
      2. MCAP ELA 10
      3. HSA Government
      4. MISA Science (Biogeochem and Chem Honors)
    3. The College Board administers AP testing, and they have made the decision to move all AP testing online this school year.
  2. What will be happening with AP testing?
    1. The most current information only addresses that AP testing will be done online.  Each test will be 45 minutes long and it will cover material from August to March.  
    2. Schedule from the College Board:  https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/educators/taking-the-exams/ap-exam-schedule?SFMC_cid=EM294654-&rid=66549059 
  3. Does testing affect my graduation requirements?
    1. As of right now, only graduating seniors (Class of 2020) are exempt from testing graduation requirements.
    2. Information for future graduating classes is forthcoming from the state.  We believe that this directive will not come until next school year.
  4. When will I be testing?
    1. We are waiting on a directive from the state in regards to who is testing, when they are testing, and if it will count towards graduation.  As we get the information, we will be sure to share it with all parents and students.
  5. Does state testing being cancelled affect my promotion to the next grade?
    1. State testing does not affect promotion to the next grade whether it is cancelled or not.  State testing affects whether a student is eligible to graduate their senior year.
    2. Graduating seniors (Class of 2020) are exempt from graduation requirements.  We do not have any information on graduation requirements for students in other grades.

Additional Questions:

  1. How will dual enrollment/ITEC classes and grades be affected?
    1. All PGCC and Bowie State classes have been put online.  Please make sure you are checking your college’s online system updates and assignments.
    2. Students will still receive grades for dual credit classes. Those grades will be placed on students’ high school transcript.
  2. How do we handle any registration issues, such as changing address, name, registering for the charter school, etc?
    1. Regulations and policies specify that registration issues, change of address, and lottery registration must be completed in person; therefore, schools cannot conduct any registrations at this time. These tasks can be performed once we are safely able to return to the school building.
  3. What is the plan for graduation and prom?
    1. As of right now, PGCPS has postponed graduations and proms.  We are waiting for more information from PGCPS.
  4. When is the last day of school for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors?
    1. As of right now, PGCPS has stated that the last day of school is June 16.
  5. When is the last day of school for Seniors?
    1. As of right now, PGCPS has stated that the last day of school for seniors is May 15.
  6. Will there be refunds for field trips?
    1. All refund requests must go through the sponsoring staff member for that field trip. If you would like to request a refund, please email the staff member in charge of your field trip. 
    2. Due to our current situation, refunds will not be processed until we are able to re-enter the school building. Once school offices open back up, Mrs. Bond will begin processing all refund requests.
  7. When will school return?
    1. Schools are closed throughout the rest of the school year.
  8. Will students still receive a yearbook if it is already paid for?
    1. The yearbook staff is still working hard to complete the yearbook. This is taking longer than anticipated due to challenges presented by distance learning. However, it is still expected to be completed in time for students to get them sometime this summer, preferably early summer!
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