Graduation Requirements

Please see the following Graduation Requirements sheets, which were taken from Administrative Procedure 6150, Educational Requirements and Options in Secondary Schools, which is also available for download here (2018-2020) and here (2021).


Grade Promotion Requirements

From 9th to 10th Grade: 5 credits – (1) English and 4 additional credits

From 10th to 11th Grade: 10 credits – (2) English, (1) Math, (1) Science, (1) Social Studies, and 5 additional credits

From 11th to 12th Grade: 14 credits – (3) English, (2) Math, (1) Science, (1) Social Studies and the ability to complete all graduation requirements within the regular school day.


If you have any questions regarding course options and sequencing at CMIT, please contact your student’s School Counselor.