Scheduling Polices

Scheduling Polices for 2019-2020 School Year

January 2019 – Course Criteria Distribution

In January 2019, criteria for honors, AP, and other upper-level courses (i.e. Physics) will be sent out to students and families.
2019-20 Placement Criteria: Please note, courses being listed on this document is not a guarantee that they will be offered. Some courses will not be able to run for reasons such as lack of AP applications or eligible students, lack of teacher availability, etc.

February 2019 – AP Applications<

In February 2019, AP Applications will be released to students and families for all available AP Courses for the 2019-2020 school year. Please note: any course that does not receive enough applications may not run in the upcoming school year. Students will be required to attend AP Information Sessions for some of the AP courses. This will be indicated on the applications for those courses. AP Applications will be due by February 22nd to the School Counselor.

Early March 2019 – Course Placements by Teachers / Elective Preference Sheets

In early March, teachers will make recommendations online for Core Subjects (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language) for their students. These will be sent directly to the School Counselor and Master Scheduler.

Course Preference and Sign Off Sheets will be emailed home on March 1st to all students and families. Students will have until March 7th to review the Elective Preference Sheets with their families and complete them. On one side, students will rank all potential electives for the 2019-2020 school year. Note: not all electives will be offered – it depends entirely on student preferences, teacher preferences, and scheduling availability. Students interested in taking AP courses or other upper-level courses (i.e. Physics, Art 2) will be required to have those courses signed off on their forms. Students who do not submit this form by March 7th will be pulled from class on Friday, March 8th to complete this form without parental input. This will also prevent them from gaining any signatures for upper-level courses, so they will forfeit that opportunity.

Mid March 2019 – Course Level Change Requests

In mid-March 2019, your student’s counselor will email out course placements so that families are aware whether or not their students were placed in Honors, AP, and other upper-level courses. At that time, families will be able to request meetings to dispute placements (i.e. if a student was NOT accepted for Honors/AP and the family believes they should). That meeting will take place with the parent, student, counselor, teacher, and administrator present. Only changes decided upon at these meetings will be accepted. Changes will not be accepted via requests made by email or phone.

April 2019 – Scheduling by School Counselors

When your student’s counselor gets the go-ahead from our Administration Team, they will begin making student schedules based on the placements in March. This will include core subjects and electives.
Schedules are made as follows: students are first placed in their core subjects. Electives are then added into empty periods for students: 12th grade students are placed first, then 11th, then 10th, then incoming 9th.

May/June 2019 – Schedule Distribution

Student schedules will be completed between May and June 2019 and as each grade level is completed, schedules will be made available to students and their families.
No course change requests will be made at this time.

July 2019 – Abbreviated Schedule Applications

Juniors who are taking Fall Dual Enrollment courses may drop up to two credits from their CMIT schedule. All Seniors will be permitted to drop down to a four-credit schedule regardless of their out-of-school commitments. This four-credit schedule will include a math course, an English course, College Summit, and one additional electives. Some students have additional graduation requirement courses they need to complete, so their schedules will include those as well. Students are only permitted to drop elective courses. Students may not drop College Summit or any required courses from their schedule. Applications for abbreviated schedules will be sent out via email in the summer time. Questions about abbreviated schedules may be directed to your student’s School Counselor.

Fall 2019 (First Two Weeks of School) – Elective Change Requests

Students will have the first two weeks of school to request elective changes. Students are required to come to their school counselor during the course they wish to drop. Only electives are able to be changed through this process. Changes are made on a first come, first serve basis during the period of the class a student is changing. Changes are also dependent on open seats in other courses.

Students who wish to switch a core course will need a parent to request an administrative meeting with the administrator that oversees the department the student/family is requesting a change in. Changes of this kind are made on a case by case basis.

Special Notes: Dual Enrollment Integration in Schedules

Dual Enrollment course applications for Summer and Fall courses occur in April. Since CMIT operates on an A-Day/B-Day schedule, students are not permitted to take Dual Enrollment courses during the school day. Students who register for day-time Dual Enrollment courses will have to drop those courses if and when their CMIT schedules do not accommodate a Dual Enrollment course.

Please contact your student’s school counselor if you have any questions about the placement process.