Scheduling Polices

Course Placement Process

Students are placed first based on the Graduation Requirement courses (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language, Fine Art, Technology, PE/Health) they were placed in by their current teachers. For all courses that have an Honors or AP option, students are placed based on the meeting of criteria specified by each department. These criteria are sent directly to families via email and posted in the Newsletter as they become available. Exceptions may be made in the case that the teacher feels that despite not meeting the criteria exactly, the student would benefit from being placed in a more rigorous course. Once students are placed in all of their required courses, their empty periods are filled in with electives based on their Elective Preference sheet. On Signing Day, students rank a long list of potential electives based on their interest. This list of electives is sent home to families ahead of Signing Day to allow for discussion between students and their families.

Applications for AP courses are released in late January/early February. Students do not have to apply for Honors level courses. “Signing Day” is the day that students are placed in their courses for the upcoming school year. Signing Day takes place on a Friday in March. On Signing Day, students in grades 9-11 will to go each of their current teachers to get forms signed off regarding placements for the upcoming school year. It is at this time that students are notified if they have been placed in Honors and AP courses. Counselors use these Scheduling Forms to make schedules based on teacher recommendations and to place electives in student schedules when possible. Schedules are not permanent until 20 days into the school year, so there is ample time for discussion between students, parents, teachers, and the Counseling Department to allow for changes in course placement. Note: elective changes are only done in the Fall and are completed on a first come first serve basis.

Course placements are completed in reverse order (12th grade, 11th grade, 10th grade, and then 9th grade) to ensure that students graduating first have the most time to complete any remaining graduation requirements. As such, this is how elective placements are also completed.

The goal is for first drafts of schedules to be ready prior to the end of the school year so that students and their families may look them over. Families may request meetings with their School Counselor to discuss any changes that would like to be made. Schedule changes are only made through meetings of this kind – requests for course changes will not be accepted by phone or email. Requests for elective course changes will be accepted in-person upon return to school in the fall and are made on a first-come first-serve basis. Starting in the 2018-19 school year, families will receive an email if a student makes an adjustment to their schedule so that they may check SchoolMax to stay up to date on changes.

Disagreements Regarding Course Placements

If a parent disagrees with the placement of their student in a course subject (i.e. believing their student should be placed in Honors or AP though they were not recommended by their teacher), families may request a meeting with their School Counselor, an Administrator, the teacher of the course, and the Chair of the Department in question. At this meeting, all parties will discuss the best option for that student.

If the family decides they would like to go against the school’s recommendation, they will be required to sign a form that will state that their student will not be permitted to change their schedule after the initial course change period and that if the student fails a course that is a graduation requirement, they will be expected to pay and send their student to summer school to recover the credit.

Dual Enrollment Integration in Schedules

Dual Enrollment course applications for the Summer and Fall occur in April. There is no guarantee that a student’s schedule will accommodate a mid-day Dual Enrollment course, so students are expected to schedule their Dual Enrollment courses after school hours. This will also allow for our new A-day B-day schedule.

Junior and Senior Abbreviated Schedules

Juniors who are taking Fall Dual Enrollment courses may drop up to two blocks from their CMIT schedule. Applications for 11th Grade abbreviated schedules will occur in the summer time. All Seniors will be permitted to drop down to a five-credit schedule regardless of their out-of-school commitments. This five-credit schedule will include a math course, an English course, College Summit, and two additional electives. Some students have additional graduation requirement courses they need to complete, so their schedules will include those as well. Students are only permitted to drop elective courses. They may not drop English, Math, College Summit, or any other required courses in their schedule. Questions about abbreviated schedules may be directed to your student’s School Counselor.

8th Grade Course Placements

Using the criteria developed by the High School Departments, the 8th grade teachers will place their students in courses required for graduation (i.e. Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language). 8th Grade students will complete their own elective preferences similarly to how high school students do. A copy of this elective list will be sent via email to allow for discussion between students and their families prior to elective referencing.

Annual Course Change Process

In accordance with county policy, students have the first 20 school days to change their schedule. Students who have a hole in their schedule or students who wish to change an elective must simply come to their School Counselor during the course they wish to change. Course changes are first come first serve and are only possible if there are open seats in courses students wish to switch into.

Students will not be placed in Honors or AP courses at the start of the year unless they have a formal meeting with their Counselor with a parent present. Exceptions may be made for new students who transfer from other schools, but only if they meet the criteria as determined by the High School departments.

Students who wish to change courses after the first 20 school days will only be permitted to do so if a team including the student, their Parent/Guardian, an administrator, School Counselor, and the teacher of the course in question agree that this is the best course of action.

At the beginning of the second semester, students will have the opportunity to switch semester-long courses within the first 10 days of the 3rd quarter. Course changes are first come first serve and are only possible if there are open seats in courses students wish to switch into.