Scheduling Polices

Course Placement Week

Course Placement Week will take place in late-March to early-April. Approximately a week prior to Course Placement Week, school staff members will submit placements directly to the School Counselor for all students they teach in a Core Content area (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, World Language).

Starting in the 2018-19 School Year, approximately a week prior to Course Placement Day, the Elective Preference Sheet will be made available to students and families via the School Newsletter as well as via email so that they may discuss the potential options and make their rankings while at home. It is expected that students submit these forms to their School Counselor during Course Placement Week. All students who have not yet submitted the form to their Counselor will be required to complete one in-person on Friday of Course Placement Week.

Some electives such as Spanish 3, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Human Geography, and other similarly upper-level courses will require a signature. These will be indicated on the Elective Preference Sheet and it will be the students’ responsibility to get that form signed off during Course Placement Week prior to submitting the form to their School Counselor.

In the Week following Course Placement Week, students’ initial placements will be distributed to students. Students are expected to bring that form home to their families and if there are any concerns regarding placement, parents will be asked to contact their student’s counselor to set up a meeting.

Course Placement Process

Once Administration gives approval, Course Scheduling will begin. At this time, students will first be placed into courses that are required for Graduation (based on their Teachers’ placements). These courses include Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language, Fine Art, Technology, PE/Health. For all courses that have an Honors or AP level, students are placed based on the meeting of criteria specified by each department. These criteria will be made available to families via email and in the School Newsletter as soon as they are available. Exceptions may be made in the case that the teacher feels that despite not meeting all of the criteria, they would benefit from being placed in a more rigorous course. Exceptions may also be made if a decision is changed after a meeting between the student, School Counselor, teacher, parent, and Administrator.

Once students are placed in all of their required courses, empty periods are filled in with electives based on their Elective Preferences sheet. Note: not all courses listed on the Elective Preferences sheet will be offered due to the fact that final elective offerings are not officially decided upon by Administration until after Course Placement Week. Additionally, electives are available every period, so students are asked to rank all electives on the Elective Preferences Sheet so their Counselor can do their best to place them in suitable electives.

AP and Honors Placement

Applications for AP courses are released in late-January to early-February. Students do not apply for Honors level courses. Please note: schedules are not permanent until 20 days into the school year, so there is ample time for discussion between students, parents, teachers, and the Counseling Department to allow for changes in the levels of courses that students are placed in.

Elective Changes


Students are able to request elective changes for the first two weeks of school. Elective changes are not made in the summer time and do not occur as a result of a parent phone call or email. Students are required to go to their School Counselor’s office during the course they want to change, so that it is fair for all students who wish to change a course. Elective changes are only done int he Fall and are completed on a first come first serve basis.

Since schedules are completed in reverse order (12th grade, 11th grade, 10th grade, and then 9th grade) to ensure that students graduating first have the most time to complete any remaining graduation requirements, this sometimes also means that underclassmen have less available options for electives as well.

8th Grade Course Placements

Using the criteria developed by the High School Departments, the 8th grade teachers will place their students in courses required for graduation (i.e. Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language). 8th Grade students will have the opportunity to complete their own elective preference sheets in the same time frame as high school students are completing their forms. Students who do not submit this form to the High School Counseling Department by the published deadline will be placed in electives randomly.

Dual Enrollment Integration in Schedules

Dual Enrollment course applications for Summer and Fall courses occur in April. Since CMIT operates on an A-Day/B-Day schedule, students are not permitted to take Dual Enrollment courses during the school day. Students who register for day-time Dual Enrollment courses will have to drop those courses if and when their CMIT schedules do not accommodate a Dual Enrollment course.

Junior and Senior Abbreviated Schedule

Juniors who are taking Fall Dual Enrollment courses may drop up to two credits from their CMIT schedule.

All Seniors will be permitted to drop down to a five-credit schedule regardless of their out-of-school commitments. This five-credit schedule will include a math course, an English course, College Summit, and two additional electives. Some students have additional graduation requirement courses they need to complete, so their schedules will include those as well. Students are only permitted to drop elective courses. Students may not drop College Summit or any required courses from their schedule.

Applications for abbreviated schedules will be sent out via email in the summer time. Questions about abbreviated schedules may be directed to your student’s School Counselor.