Transcript Request

Transcript Requests
Please download the  CMIT Academy Transfer Request Form. There are two kinds of transcript requests: (1) Paper Requests and (2) Electronic Requests.
For Paper Requests, please allow up to 5 school days to complete the request. Your student’s counselor will try to get things done within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the request, but it may take more time depending on the other things going on within the school building at the time, as well as potential out-of-school days. Additionally, one envelope must be submitted for each official transcript that is requested. Note: if a student needs an unofficial transcript, students do not need to submit an envelope.
For Electronic Requests, students should also allow up to 5 school days to complete the request. Your counselor cannot send a transcript to a student or family member via email. Rather, transcripts are only able to be sent electronically to colleges (through Naviance or SendEdu), directly to an Admissions Counselor or to a Scholarship organization via email. Some other situations may warrant an emailed transcript, but there is no case in which a student or parent would be able to receive a transcript (official or unofficial) via email.
Completed Transcript Request Forms should be delivered in hard copy to your student’s counselor in their office.
Seniors Only: Please use the following link to request materials to be sent to your colleges, scholarships, or to request materials for on-site admissions sessions.