• I am re-enrolling my child because I think she is being positively challenged at CMIT. I believe that the school is adequately preparing her for college. This is not a TAG program but I feel like we are getting above and beyond what any TAG program in PG County can offer. The school is producing scholars and I am proud to be a part of such a great organization.

    Gail Carew

  • CMIT is great. We like enrichment programs, CLP and Math club. It is hard to find this kind of commitment from any school in PG.

    Jason Chan

  • I would like to register my son,  Malik McRae because of the academic rigor at CMIT. CMIT offers many challenging courses that has kept and will keep my son challenge.

    Mr and Mrs McRae

  • CMIT provides an extremely challenging academic program; my child needs a challenging environment in order for him to stay on task and interested.  Additionally, the additional programs and offerings are such a bonus and I know it will continue to help in his enrichment.  I can't imagine my child attending another school in the County.  You all have excellent teachers, administrators, tools, and processes, which has made his transition to middle school so much easier.

    Jacqueline Conyers

  • I would like to re-enroll my son back into CMIT because the school has provided a very challenging learning environment and this has created a competitive edge for him going into college. I would like to thank all the teachers and administrative staff for the excellent work you all are doing.

    Christopher Dina

  • The academics are challenging and I believe Aliya needs this structured environment to grow and develop.

    Tracey Perrin

  • My daughter Katharine has enjoyed her 2 years at CMIT, and will be happy to return next school for 8th grade.  She has been challenged academically, and is still able to thrive and do very well.  She and I as her parent, both feel her years at CMIT are preparing her well for her future education and career.  Thank you.

    Deborah Yeagley

  • I would like to re-enroll my daughter in CMIT because this school has brought out the best in her.  She loves learning new and exciting things.  This school is forward-thinking and future scholar driven.  She loves learning about technology and how to utilize it.  She works hard on homework every night.  The time that teachers take to teach shows through her grades.  She loves Science and won 1st place in her category at the STEM Fair at UMD!

    Kwanice Jackson

  • CMIT hasn't given us any reason why we should not re-enroll our child for the next academic year! It's been a great school which has helped our son transition to the Middle School environment very smoothly. Each of the faculty members go above and beyond to support school's mission by taking the extra time and effort to support the overall growth of their students. Thank You CMIT!

    Raju Pawar

  • We have been very pleased with the educational experience our son is having.  CMIT is academically challenging, but also provides a wealth of unique, "beyond the classroom" activities.  We are impressed by the planning and thoughtfulness that goes into making sure that the CMIT experience is top-notch!

    Tracy Whitaker

  • Harmony loves the academic environment and so do we. We really like the diversity of the enrichment clubs.

    Jennifer Bryant

  • CMIT provides an Outstanding Academic environment for Middle School Students.  Easily the finest Middle School in PG County and among the best in the state of Maryland.

    David M. Tyree III

  • I love this school and the academic challenges that it presents my daughter.  Over the past 3 years I have watched her grow and push herself.  I couldn't imagine a better education for my daughter without having to pay for it at a private school.

    Deborah Rowles

  • The education my child receives at CMIT is excellent. The curriculum provides the challenge that Taniya needs.

    Tracey R. Johnson

  • I would like to re-enroll my daughter for several reasons. The school's performance speaks for itself. CMIT has dedicated and compassionate leaders who encourage the students to be high achievers.  They have an amazing group of faculty and staff who are very passionate about their work. CMIT teaches our kids how to become future leaders in STEM. I have seen such great improvement in my daughter’s work and I wish if CMIT was around to teach her when she initially started school in kindergarten. Behind every great school there is a great leader and Mr. AG is a phenomenal principal.

    Patricia Kingston

  • CMIT has met my expectations in providing my child with an excellent education.

    Ebony Destiny

  • CMIT has been instrumental in my son, Josiah's, social and education maturation process. He enjoys and we (his parents) appreciate the challenging curriculum. We are confident Josiah will be able to compete with other students and excel, not only locally but throughout the nation.  

    Monta Burrough

    Monta Burrough

  • CMIT provides a quality education in the STEM field with rigorous academics that's found in a private school setting.  I love that my son is enthusiastic about learning computer programming. He is excited to show that he can succeed academically, something he had in Private school before enrolling him in a regular PGCPS school. The excitement that my son has for learning is evident in how he talks about his computer and science classes.  The hands-on approach that you receive from everyone at CMIT, from the initial application process, home visits to the Saturday Academy, which pleasantly surprised me to see the Principal conducting a session.  Well done CMIT.

    Regina Ray

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