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College Acceptances


Associate Degree Course Requirements

  1. Which courses are required for the Associate Degree? Please refer to PGCC’s website here for this information.
Enrollment & Participation

  1. Who is eligible to participate in the ITEC program? Enrollment is limited to rising CMIT 9th grade students who have achieved the required Accuplacer score and met other selection criteria.
  2. How do students apply? CMIT students are eligible to apply toward the end of their 8th grade year.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of students that can enroll each year? Yes. Enrollment is capped at 22 students per cohort in order to optimize the learning experience for students.
  4. Can students enter the program after the ninth grade? No. However, students not enrolled in the ITEC program who wish to earn college credit are encouraged to consider taking AP courses offered at CMIT.
  5. What if students would like to earn college credit but are not interested in information technology? If this is the case, the ITEC program is not a good fit. This program is rigorous and immerses students heavily in the study of  information technology. Students with no interest in information technology should consider earning college credit through AP courses or PGCPS’s dual enrollment program.
  6. Is participation in the program limited to the PGCPS school year? No. Students are expected to attend Summer Bridge programs and take summer courses as needed.
  7. Does participation in ITEC limit student’s participation in CMIT activities? It can. With the exception of state- and county-mandated testing, ITEC activities generally take precedent over CMIT activities. On occasion, there will be assemblies and field trips that ITEC students are unable to attend because of ITEC courses. Conversely, there will occasionally be ITEC activities and field trips that are exclusive to students participating in the program.

  1. I do not see two grades per week in SchoolMax. Why is this? Students receive grades in SchoolMax based on the timeline of the PGCC course. This frequently means that grades are entered into SchoolMax infrequently. For the most up-to-date information on grades for courses in progress, please refer to Blackboard.
  2. The grades I see in SchoolMax do not match the grades I see in Blackboard/OwlLink. Why is this? The semester dates for PGCC and PGCPS do not align. In most cases, the PGCPS semester is longer which means that students will continue to complete work and earn grades after the final grade for PGCC has been entered. This additional work ONLY counts toward the PGCPS grade.
  3. Who do I contact if I have questions about grades? Students are encouraged to consult their instructor and teacher of record. As students are considered college students while they are enrolled in these courses, parents are only permitted to consult the teacher of record.
Technical Assistance

  1. My computer is broken. What should I do? Contact Ms. Colandrea.
  2. I cannot access PG Mail, OwlLink, or BlackBoard. What should I do? Contact PGCC’s help desk.
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