PGCPS Coronavirus Resources for CMIT Families






Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great vacation and are looking forward with enthusiasm to the new school year.

The first official day of school for all students is Tuesday, September 3, 2019. Arrival time begins at 8:05 am and pick-up time begins at 2:55 pm. The students will be welcomed by Administration, receive PGCPS Code of Conduct presentation, receive their schedules, and meet their teachers.

As the new school year approaches our Front Office has been receiving many calls with questions. Please see the information below to aid in any questions you may have. I look forward to a productive and educational school year and partnering with parents to make it a positive experience for all stakeholders. Enjoy your last weeks of summer!


We are pleased to have you as partners in this educational year. As the year progresses, and as you become either more informed or more puzzled, we encourage you to call the school and talk with those who might be of help. If your question deals with in-class events, grades, or curriculum please ask to speak with the teacher. If it deals with the overall program or school activities please contact your child’s assigned administrator. Mrs. Linnenkamp ( is the assigned administrator for sixth grade and Mr. Screven ( is the assigned administrator for seventh and eighth grade.

Each week a Newsletter is published and emailed to parents. Please review this newsletter with your scholar to promote them being informed citizens in the CMIT community. The Newsletter often has information pertaining to Teacher of the Month, Student of the Month, class projects, assessment dates, and other activities.


Arrival/Departure Routine

 Please note: All parents, carpooling or individuals, must drop-off and pick-up in the rear of the building. The side parking lots are designated for high school overflow and commercial vans/buses only. Only students that ride on a commercial van or bus will be permitted to exit to the side parking lot.

Everyone will become more accustomed to the drop-off and pick-up routine as the school year progresses. The process will become more and more efficient. Typically by the third week all vehicles are gone within 10 minutes.

Please be patient and follow the instructions from those directing traffic. No one’s time is more valuable that the safety of our children.


School Supplies

Students will only need writing utensils and paper the first week of school. Teachers will provide a syllabus on the first day of class that will include their supply list. In the meantime, pens, pencils, pencil pouch, composition journals, and loose leaf paper is always needed and will not be wasted should you purchase in an effort to take advantage of sales.



Uniforms are required on the first day of school. Students should be dressed in their orange or blue polo shirt, khaki or navy blue slacks/shorts/skirt, black belt, and ALL black shoes. Students will need a CMIT PE shirt and shorts for PE class, as well as, a CMIT oxford shirt and blue tie for special occasions.



Andrew Brauer, Principal