Announcement 2020-2021 Enrollment/Admissions Process for CMIT Charter Schools in PGCPS

Dear potential CMIT Families/our Parents/Guardians of PGCPS,
We have recently been informed that the PGCPS enrollment process for all charter schools is currently paused and remains on-hold pending PGCPS’ school staff going back to work (due to the staff member’s in-person process requirements). Our CLF team will continue working with our district partners to closely monitor developments during these unprecedented times and share any new information with you.
The deadline to accept placements in the Public Charter School date has been extended to Friday, April 24, 2020.  Please keep watching updates from PGCPS or from our CMIT Schools’ websites regarding continuation of enrollment process.
Thank you for your interest in our CMIT charter schools. We are excited at the opportunity to maximize your child’s potential. Know that CMIT schools are committed to hard work that reflects and expects high standards in STEAM education.


Yilmaz Ak, Ed.S.
Chief Academic Officer
Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation
6151 Chevy Chase Dr.
Laurel, MD 20707
Tel.: (301)776-2300

2020 BHM Contest Finalist Announced!

Dear CLF Schools,
We would like to thank all our participants for their Poster and Essay contributions for this year’s 2020 Black History Month. Attached, please find the finalists chosen to represent CLF schools at the upcoming Feb. 25th BHM Reception. All those listed here are FINALISTS and there is no “1st, 2nd, or 3rd…etc.” as we equate these excellent representations of the contest to the same exceptional “Finalists” that exhibits the precision and quality in either Poster or Essay contributions.
In addition, we will provide a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION for all student participants, regardless of being chosen among the finalists. The only exception to that will be the few disqualified for suspected plagiarism. We will notify the school individually so as to not cast a shadow on this otherwise STEAMzing content from our CLF school students.
To our leaders, we are so very proud and grateful for the motivation behind the students that truly took this contest to heart and taught us all more about Black History Month with their efforts and finished product.