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Scheduling Polices

Course Placement Process 

AP Course applications will be due at the end of February on a day announced through the CMIT Newsletter.

On one day in early March, students will participate in a “Signing Day” where they will go to each of their current teachers to get their Scheduling Forms signed off. Teachers will make recommendations for each of their students for the following year’s courses. Counselors will take these Scheduling Forms and make schedules based on the teacher recommendations. The Scheduling Form is also the way that students will request their elective courses through preference rankings. Note: course placement is completed in reverse grade order (12th grade, 11th grade, 10th grade, and then 9th grade) in order to ensure that the students graduating first have the most amount of time to complete any remaining graduation requirements.

In April, a draft of student schedules will be sent home so that students and their families may look them over. This is when students will find out whether they have been accepted for AP Courses they applied for in February. Families will request meetings with their School Counselor to discuss any changes they would like to make. Changes will only be made through meetings – requests for course changes at this time will not be accepted by phone or email.

Course Change Process


In accordance with county policy, students have the first 10 school days to change a semester-long course and the first 20 school days to change a year-long course.

Students who have a hole in their schedule or students who wish to change an elective course must simply come to their School Counselor during the elective they wish to change.

Students will not be placed in Honors or AP courses at the start of the year if they were not recommended in the prior school year. *Exceptions may be made for new students who transfer for other schools, but only if they are recommended to be in those courses by the school they are coming from.*
Students who wish to change courses after the first 10 school days to change a semester-long course or the first 20 school days to change a year-long course will only be permitted to do so if a team including the student, their Parent/Guardian, an Administrator, School Counselor, and the teacher of the course in question agree that is the best course of action.
At the beginning of the second semester, students will have the opportunity to switch only their semester courses within the first 10 days of the 3rd quarter. Courses changes are first come first serve.

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