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Are your Grades making you Grinch?

Ninety percent of the students who took the opportunity to attend the CMIT tutorial services have increased from 30 -50% of their grades based on the last First progress report to the First Quarter monitoring. CMIT afterschool and Saturday Tutoring supports increasing students’ motivation and attitude to reach their full academic potential. Our Tutors assist students in thinking critically about their worksheets. Our tutors work closely with their teachers to prepare students to face the classroom challenges, especially during this new norm.

Bear in mind that tutorial is not sought only for those that fail their classes but for those who would like to learn techniques to be prepared with their curriculum and excel in class. Our tutors are happy to help you maximize your potential and earn better grades.

Click the link below to register:
Tutorial Services Sign Up Form

If you need a one-on-one appointment, they can also be available during the session via breakout rooms and discuss strategies to reach your course goals. You may email the following tutors, and, to help you pace with your courses.

You may also join their google classroom with the following google codes:
wizrx3z for Algebra
SATURDAY 1:30-2:30PM & 2:30 -3:30PM

robf4mk for English
Mon & Wed @4-6PM/ Fri@3:30 4:30pm

2qcfld5 for Biology
Mon, Tues & Thurs 4:30-5:30; Sat 3:30-4:40 PM & 4:30-5:50 PM

jngb2nm for Social Studies
Tue & Thu @ 4-5pm Saturday 10-11

CMIT is always interested in putting our students’ needs first. We want to ensure that help is available, especially with students’ organizations, to submit assignments and comprehend core subject areas to complete high school requirements. We greatly appreciate your willingness to allow
us to support your child with their learning needs.

You may also sign up for the form here: Tutorial Services Sign Up Form

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