Congratulations to Ms. O`Donnell, Queenswil Ndamo, Adeyemi Chaytor and Nathan Daniel!

Congratulations to Queenswil Ndamo, Adeyemi Chaytor and Nathan Daniel for having their videos chosen as part of the High School Newscast during PGCPS/PGCC Media Day event! The topic was “Life and Learning in the Pandemic” and each student submitted a 60 second video. They were fantastic and if you don’t believe me, check them out on the CMIT YouTube channel. All of the Media Production students did a great job. The students also submitted a 30 second channel video where they recorded a Thank You message to one of their teachers, past or present, to celebrate American Education Week. The videos were then part of the morning announcements and it was a wonderful way to celebrate educators. Ask them to share their video work with you! Next up, stop motion videos…think Gumby. Can’t wait to share those with you too! Here is the link to the HS Newscast:

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