Top 6 STEM Projects Advance to 73rd Annual PG Science Fair Virtual Competition

From the article of bravery and heroism quotes, “Bravery is a behavioral trait which allows us to overcome our inhibitions, our inner fears & gives us the strength to do what we feel is right, irrespective of any form of backlash. It is something which imbibes in us a sense of self-belief which can make us scale mountains & do things which we believed we never could.” I want to present our top 6 brave researchers (in alphabetical order)
Alkidd, Zainab – Can Radishes Prevent Soil Erosion?
Pringle, Morgan –  Can you Handle the Heat?
Salisbury, Cameron – Probiotic Solubility in Various Water Qualities
Solomon, Gabriella – Probiotics Solubility in H2O Qualities
Wilson, Jasmyne – Over My Dead Body!: The Effect of Mummification on Enzymes
Wilson, Kyree, – Yellow Rain
Who empowers their schoolmates and the world with their STEM experiences to overcome and adapt to the increasingly complicated, shifting technological world. STEM is meant to drive researchers to the discovery necessary to sustain our market. This discovery and science literacy depends on the substantial knowledge base in the STEM areas students learn in class. STEM is essential because it permeates every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us and is used to influence and affect people and every living thing on earth. All student projects, including the top CMIT brave contenders of the 73rd Annual Prince George’s Area Science Fair (Virtual) Competition, are available for public viewing on the CMIT official website.
Gemma Clarke, Ph. D. Science Teacher, Academic Support and Tutoring Services Coordinator Green School Team Organizer HS Science Fair Coordinator

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