Congrats to Dailyn and Precious

I am ecstatic to report that the team of Precious Sobawale and Dailyn Wray is headed to compete at the National Urban Debate League Tournament in April!
This is a huge honor because the junior varsity category was opened up late by our local regional league and they didn’t have time to run qualifiers, so Precious and Dailyn were hand picked to compete by the regional league administration and accepted the bid yesterday, February 14, 2022. It is a feat made all the more impressive because they are a young team, Dailyn being a tenth grader and Precious being an 11th grader and both of them having less than 2 years experience in the activity. This tremendous honor reflects the impressive amount of hard work and dedication shown this season by these two young women!
Our regional league has repeatedly recognized the entire CMiT North squad throughout the season for their engagement, professionalism, and overall excellence in the activity.  We are extremely proud of our season and so excited to cheer on Dailyn and Precious at Nationals!
Please congratulate all the debaters if you see them, but especially Dailyn and Precious!  We have one more regional tournament in March, but they have had a great season and accomplished amazing things as a squad this year.
We couldn’t have done this without the repeated, consistent, and strong support of you all and the entire school community, so thank you for the love and support.  More details about what the girls will need for the tournament will be forthcoming,  but right now it looks like they will have to miss some of school Friday. April 8th, but that we won’t need to raise travel money or anything because the national tournament is virtual this year due to covid. They will probably have to go into DC to Washington Urban Debate League for the rounds because they want to have all
The kids there and organized for the tournament, but the league will probably arrange transportation.  As soon as the details are worked out we will reach out to you and parents for permission and to share all that info.
Thanks again for your deep and continued support!
Jen Matson and the CMIT Debate Team

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