SAT School Day & PSAT 10

On Wednesday, March 2nd, all juniors will be taking the SAT and all sophomores will be taking PSAT 10 in school for FREE!

The test will be from 8:05 am to 12:39 pm.  There will NOT be any make up testing days. 

Make sure that you are present and on time  in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Make sure to bring your own calculator since school will not provide calculators!

You will receive an email from Mr.Nuri Bayram about in which room you will be taking the test.

So, make sure to read all emails coming from Mr.Nuri Bayram not to miss any info about the SAT&PSAT 10 test day!

For information on IDs and calculators:

For practice:

Khan Academy:

Daily Practice App:

Practice tests:

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