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As part of CMIT Academy North High School’s mission statement to provide opportunities for our students to prepare for postsecondary education and life in a globalized society, all CMIT North High School juniors and seniors take College Summit as a mandatory elective at our school.

The College Summit 11 Curriculum, “Take Action,” helps students set the stage for a successful senior year. Throughout the year, students will practice the skills they will need for success within the postsecondary planning process, including making plans and taking actionable steps towards their postsecondary goals, compiling the materials needed to support a strong college application package, and engaging in rigorous SAT preparation within the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to draft, edit, and revise personal statements and resumes, research various colleges and careers, and end the year with a portfolio that will launch them towards a successful senior year.

The College Summit 12 Curriculum, “Navigator,” provides seniors with a safe and supportive space within the school day in which they are able to explore, apply to, and prepare for the many postsecondary options coming their way. Students will participate in activities related to goal-setting, action planning, research, and reflection. Quarter 1 has an emphasis on college applications, supporting our students towards meeting Early Action and Priority college application deadlines. Quarter 2 shifts the focus to Financial Aid and Financial Literacy. Quarter 3 supports students through more rigorous career exploration and skill-building. Quarter 4 wraps up the year with lessons around transitioning from high school to life after graduation.

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