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Counselor Assignments:

Ms. Natalie Gaudette – Students Last Names A – J

Counselor Bio: Ms. Gaudette has been a Professional School Counselor at CMIT Academy North since the 2016-17 School Year after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park School of Education with a Master’s of Education in School Counseling. Originally coming to Maryland from Connecticut, Ms. Gaudette attended the University of Maryland, College Park for her Bachelor’s Degree before completing a year of service as a City Year AmeriCorps Member working at Kramer Middle School in Southeast DC. Ms. Gaudette is passionate about postsecondary education access for all students and believes that all students have the ability to succeed if given the resources and support to do so. In Ms. Gaudette’s free time, she volunteers with the HOBY Leadership Organization, spends time with her two cats, and eats sushi. Ms. Gaudette also loves skydiving!

Contacting Ms. GaudetteEmail is Ms. Gaudette’s preferred mode of communication. You can reach her at Please reach out to Ms. Gaudette via email if you would like to set up an appointment. Appointments can be made in person, over the phone, or over Google Hangout. Note: Ms. Gaudette is not currently in the building due to virtual/distance learning and COVID-19, so phone conferences are not available at this time. Ms. Gaudette is still answering emails regularly and is able to schedule meetings via Google Hangout (which can be attended over video or just by calling in).

Ms. Rebecca Ryan – Students Last Names K-Z

Counselor Bio: This is Ms. Ryan’s first year as a Professional School Counselor at CMIT Academy North. Ms. Ryan recently graduated from University of Maryland, College Park, with a Master’s of Education in School Counseling. While at University of Maryland, Ms. Ryan also worked as an advisor with the Reed-Yorke Health Professions Advising Office and helped students apply to health professional graduate programs, such as medical and dental school. Before moving to Maryland, Ms. Ryan grew up in Michigan and studied Comparative Cultures and Politics, with a focus on African studies, at Michigan State University. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Ms. Ryan supported students in two high schools in rural Michigan as a College Advisor through AmeriCorps. Her experiences advising families have made her passionate about helping students build the skills needed to successfully pursue their educational and career goals. She is also passionate about supporting students and their families as they identify tools for coping with and overcoming challenges they may experience throughout their time at CMIT and beyond. When Ms. Ryan has free time, she goes hiking and biking, bakes bread and crackers, and plays board games with her friends and family.

Contacting Ms. Ryan: For now, it is best to reach Ms. Ryan via email at Please contact her if you’d like to set up an appointment. Note: Ms. Ryan is not currently in the building due to virtual/distance learning and COVID-19, so phone conferences are not available at this time. Ms. Ryan is still answering emails regularly and is able to schedule meetings via Google Hangout (which can be attended over video or just by calling in).

School CEEB Code

For your convenience, the College Entrance Examination Board Code for CMIT is 210722.

Pathways to College Handbook

This handbook provides a chronological map of suggested dates, deadlines, and steps to take in regards to preparing for the college application process, obtaining financial aid and scholarships, and accepting and heading to a college. The guide was made by the Department of Student Services and the Offices of College Readiness and School Counseling. You can download the handbook here.

Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Prevention

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation have no place at CMIT. Whether it happens in the hallways, in the cafeteria, or online, such behavior can create hostile learning environments that interfere with students’ ability to strive academically, emotionally, and physically. Bullying is unwanted behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated over time with the intent to cause harm. Bullying behavior may include: making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physical or verbally, and deliberately excluding someone from a group.

If you would like to report instances of bullying, harassment, or intimidation, please complete the Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting form available electronically here or in hard copy in your Counselor’s office. Keep one copy and give the other to your counselor or an administrator so they can start an investigation. Meetings will be held with each involved party to discuss findings and develop a plan of support.

Student Service Learning Hours

Independent Student Service Learning Hours are a graduation requirement. Students must complete 24 service hours at qualifying organizations in order to graduate. Please see the Student Service Learning Hours tab under “Graduation Requirements” for more information about qualifying organizations, deadlines, and more information. The necessary forms can also be downloaded here for your convenience.

Pre-Approval Form (used for instances when the student is not sure if they are doing hours at an approved organization)

Service Hours Reporting Form  (used to submit completed hours to earn credit for completed hours at approved organizations)

Note: There is also an option to complete specialized service hours opportunities during distance/virtual learning that are related to COVID-19. Please see the Service Learning section of the website here to read more about this.

Transcript Requests

There are a few ways to request a transcript. Please go to the following page to determine the best method for your specific needsTranscript Request Page

Maryland Minor Work Permit

Students do not get Work Permits from the high school. In order to apply for a work permit, students may go to the following link for online forms and more information: Per the linked website, work permits are required for all minors under the age of 18 to work in Maryland. Work permits are not issues to anyone under the age of 14. Work permits are not issued to anyone under 18 until they have been offered a job and a new permit must be obtained if the minor changes jobs. Work permits are attained online with the student and their parent.

Maryland Driver’s Permits

Students interested in earning their Driver’s Permit in the state of Maryland should go to the following link for more information: the student is under the age of 16, they must provide a form called the DL-300 during their permit application process. This form gives information about attendance and verification of identity and must be submitted in a sealed, unopened envelope. Previously, the form had to be completed by the student/parent and then the second half would be completed by the school. However, the form has been updated and can now be completed by the student and parent alone. The form is available for download here for your convenience.


Communication at a Stay-at-Home World

COVID: Service Hours Update

College Applications 101

Academic Transitions and Study Skills (Note: to listen to the audio embedded within the slides, download the PPT to your device!)

Personal Safety Lessons

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