Credit Requirements

Credit Requirements 

Please see below for the charts that describe the graduation requirements for students based on their graduation class. If you are interested in completing a Graduation Credit Check, please download the following document here.

Grade Promotion Requirements

In high school, a student is identified in their grade level based on the meeting of specific criteria regarding their credits. Below is the criteria to move to the next grade level. If a student fails courses in the school year that prevent them from moving forward, they will be recommended for summer school at the end of the school year. Upon passing the appropriate summer school courses (if possible), students will be bumped up to the correct grade level within SchoolMax.

  • From 9th to 10th Grade: 5 credits – (1) English and 4 additional credits
  • From 10th to 11th Grade: 10 credits – (2) English, (1) Math, (1) Science, (1) Social Studies, and 5 additional credits
  • From 11th to 12th Grade: 14 credits – (3) English, (2) Math, (1) Science, (1) Social Studies and the ability to complete all graduation requirements within the school day


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