LimeLight’s primary focus is providing necessary information for 9th grade students that can be used beyond high school. We will be having events that will benefit not only CMIT North but the community around us as well! Links for the meeting platform are forthcoming. We hope to see you there! Are you a 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student interested in working with 9th graders?

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Nevaeh Cannon Student Club Sponsor

CLUB NAME: LimeLight
MEETING TIME : 3:30pm-4:30pm


To give students a realistic material that they can carry outside the confining walls of highschool.


LimeLight is a club focused on providing mainly rising highschool students advice to bring into the real world, and if that doesn’t include you no fear. With this club, we also want to see your diversity, and differing opinions to the round table discussions. Not only that but weekly “lessons’ ‘ to showcase different characteristics to focus on in highschool. The main focus for people attending the club is to also build bonds with one another and support others to build a stronger community.


1 Provide Arising CMIT North students (freshmen) enough information to make sure they succeed within highschool.
2 Everyone within the club should bring in something old to come out with something new. As long as they’ve learned something then, the club has served its purpose.
3 Provide students with, with a safe outlet for communication and building connections.



How can this club support the school website and the school`s social media accounts?

We can provide pictures of LimeLight, showing the diversity and change we are trying to bring to CMIT highschool.


How can this club support school activities such as;

Spirit Week, BHM, Open House, CMIT club expo, etc?


At open house we can orientate students and parents to their rooms, while introducing students to one another and showing them around the campus. 

Spirit Week LimeLight , can host maybe a fashion show of some sort, to describe a specific theme and bring awareness to unspoken situations within the world.



List below the club norms and rules each member will follow: 

  1. Differentiating opinions are fine if you cannot agree, agree to disagree
  2. If a student comes to you for help or questions, answer them to the best of your abilities. Then, if you still cannot serve their answer, direct them to an admin or a teacher who can help them.
  3. If material needs to be produced please try to finish it as soon as you can




OCT 5-9 Ice Breakers and Introducing everyone to one another. Being sure to build bonds with everyone on the team !
OCT 12-16 Producing our first lesson on extracurriculars. Talking about current events while completing this work.
OCT 19-23 Publishing the lesson on extracurriculars(Oct 19), and starting the next lesson on sports and how they interact with grades. Communicate with everyone developing situations in CMIT’s changing  academic policies.
OCT 26-30 Recapping on the events that have happened, how we can improve and adapt to better ourselves. Netflix, bonding time after the discussion.
NOV 2-6 Event for ℅ 2024  we are going to make a survey asking basic questions about people, and matching them with other ℅ 2024. So, they can bond with one another. However when we match them, we don’t tell them who it is only their interests and likes.
NOV 9-13 Creating bonds with your teacher lesson
NOV 16-20 Event !! :  Starting a go fund me for local shelters and front line employers, 20% of our proceeds go to local shelters and front line employers.  
NOV 23-27 Prepare for thanksgiving giving break with, and do some bonding activitires.
NOV 30-DEC 4 Recapping on things that we can do better within the club. Movie night along with having a bonding moment within the team.
DEC 7-11 Event for the Whole School: create a sweet treat for covid-19. We have to social distance in the holly-jolly time of year who says we can still show festivities. Express your holiday festivities and cheer , while incorporating social distancing. This can mean like a sweat snowman with a face mask or maybe even redecorating your room during the festive time of year. The winner will hopefully (if we have funding) win a prize per grade level.
DEC 14-18 Doing a lesson on giving back to the world during the times that families cannot get enough.
DEC 21-25 Finishing up the last projects before the winter holiday and having a movie night on zoom.
JAN 4-8 Welcoming back and checking on students after the winter holidays, updates on covid and when schools are going to open. Adapting our plans to fit the needs of social distancing and covid restrictions.
JAN 11-15 Doing a lesson on on how to properly look for jobs during your sophomore year
JAN 18-22 Prepare lessons on how to obtain your permit
JAN 25-29 Preparing for Mid-Terms
FEB 1-5 Prepare lessons on etiquette for receiving gifts on valentines day
FEB 8-12 Prepare lessons on social media and how to deal with situations online safely
FEB 15-19 Prepare lessons on when the appropriate time is to confront people
FEB 22-26 Prepare lessons on formality in emails and such
MAR 1-5 Club Projects on current events
MAR 8-12 Prepare lessons on how to manage your money smartly.
MAR 15-19 Prepare lessons on how to deal with making business relationships.
MAR 22-26 Bonding Activities
APR 6-9 Bonding Activities
APR 12-16 Preparing lessons
APR 19-23 Event: Saying goodbye to our seniors, write them sweet messages to send and we prepare bags for the school to give out to the seniors.
APR 26-30 Stopping Plans For Finals and AP Exams
MAY 3-7 Stopping Plans For Finals and AP Exams
MAY 10-14 Preparing lesson plans on how you can prepare for the next school year
MAY 17-21 How to greet your teachers farewell onto their next set of students.
MAY 24-28 Wrapping up everything and saying goodbye to one another.