Schedule Process

Scheduling Process for SY2022

January 2021 – AP Applications

In January 2021, AP Applications will be released to students and families for all available AP Courses for the 2020-2021 school year. Please note: any course that does not receive enough applications may not run in the upcoming school year. Interested students will be required to attend a mandatory Virtual AP Information Session for each department they are applying to a course within. If students are unable to attend the session, they are responsible to meet individually with the appropriate Department Chair depending on the course(s) they are applying for. AP Applications are due by Friday, January 15th at 3:00pm. Students are required to submit a 3-page AP Application (page 1 Application, page 2 AP Agreement, page 3 Personal Statement). Students may download the appropriate AP Application documents from the AP Information Flyer, where students will also find the link to the AP Application Google Form.

March 2021 – Course Placements by Teachers, Course Level Change Requests

By mid-March, teachers will make recommendations to the CMIT Scheduling Team for Core Subjects (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Language, Technology) for their students. In late March, Counselors will contact students and families to notify them when Course Placements (including AP Application Decisions) are available.

At that time, families will be able to request changes in placements. If a family would like to move their students down a level (i.e. from AP to Honors or from Honors to Comprehensive), the parent simply needs to email their student’s Counselor and that adjustment may be made immediately. Students must drop from an AP to an Honors or an Honors from an on-level course prior to the first draft of schedules being made (which typically happens in early to mid-April).

If a family would like to move their students up a level (i.e. from Honors to AP, or if they feel that a student should have been placed in a different course), the family must request a Course Placement Meeting with their student’s Counselor, Administrator, their Teacher and appropriate Department Chair. During that meeting, the team will decide the best placement for the student. Please note, students cannot be placed in courses for which they do not meet the county prerequisites (for example, a student may not take AP Calculus without having taken Pre-Calculus; a student may not take Physics or AP Chemistry without having taken Chemistry). If the family is not in agreement with the team decision, they may request a Course Override and will be asked to complete a form taking responsibility for providing additional support to the student who will be taking a course against the school’s recommendation. Course Placement Appeal Meetings must be requested by May 1st and must take place by the last day of school.

April 2021 – Initial Scheduling by School Counselors

Once your student’s Counselor gets the go-ahead from the Administration Team, they will begin making student schedules based on the Course Placements. This initial scheduling will include core subjects only. Electives will be placed at a later date.

April/May 2021 – Elective Preference Forms and Abbreviated Schedule Applications

A Google Form will be sent to students directly so that they can submit their elective preferences. The Google Form will only be accessible using CMIT email addresses, but parents/guardians are encouraged to work with their student to complete the form. Elective Preference Forms may only be submitted one time, so students should take their time in completing the form while being mindful of the deadline as it is provided. Eligible students who are interested in substituting courses at CMIT with courses through Dual Enrollment (i.e. replacing World History with HST1320 at PGCC, etc.) will be required to submit a contract within their Elective Preference Form. Note: this is separate from substituting Dual Enrollment English (eligible seniors only) and Dual Enrollment Math (eligible juniors and seniors only), which have their own contracts.

Rising seniors are permitted to have abbreviated schedules as long as they have fulfilled enough of their Graduation Requirements to do so. Seniors are required to take at least four credits worth of courses throughout the school year, at least one of which needs to be taken at CMIT. Most seniors will take four courses at CMIT, which will include a math course, an English course, College Summit 12, and one additional elective. Some students have additional courses they need to take for graduation, so those students will have those courses included in their schedules as well. Seniors may request to replace their CMIT-based Senior English course, their Senior Mathematics Course, and/or their last elective credit with approved courses at PGCC or Bowie State if they are deemed eligible by PGCPS. Seniors who are approved for this option will be required to sign and submit special contracts within their Elective Preference Forms are expected to take the Dual Enrollment English and/or Dual Enrollment Math in the Fall of their 12th Grade Year. ALL Seniors are required to take College Summit 12 at CMIT.


Rising juniors who are in the ITEC program may request an abbreviated schedule. Rising ITEC juniors must take at least five courses at CMIT. These students will be informed of whether an abbreviated schedule will remove their ability to take other courses (i.e. certain AP courses), and students will be able to decide whether they prefer to keep a full schedule or follow through with an abbreviated schedule. ITEC juniors who would like an abbreviated schedule will be required to submit their Abbreviated Schedule Contract within their Elective Preference Form.

Dual Enrollment English Contract

Dual Enrollment Math Contract

Dual Enrollment Course Replacement Form

ITEC Junior Abbreviated Schedule Contract – Post6th

ITEC Junior Abbreviated Schedule Contract – Post7th

Senior Abbreviated Schedule Contract

Senior Abbreviated Schedule Contract Addendum

April 2021 – Dual Enrollment Applications for Summer and Fall 2021

Eligible students will be able to submit applications to PGCC and Bowie State for the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 terms. 11th Grade Students all have full schedules (with the exception of 11th grade ITEC students), and therefore cannot schedule any classes during school hours. Most 12th Grade Students are given the opportunity to have an abbreviated schedule, but since there is no guarantee whether we can work around Dual Enrollment courses, students are encouraged to apply for courses outside of school hours, or Online sections. If CMIT schedules cannot accommodate approved Dual Enrollment classes, students will need to drop their Dual Enrollment course or change the section of their course.

May/June 2021 – Tentative Schedule Distribution and Adjustment

Student schedules will be completed in draft form between May and June 2021 and as each grade level is completed, schedules will be sent to students and their families. Please note, these schedules are not final drafts as changes may need to occur over the summer. No elective change requests are taken until the Fall semester begins.

Important Note re: AP Courses: Once approved, students may not drop an AP course unless there is a schedule conflict. Students may request to drop an AP course within the first 20 School Days, however a meeting with the Student, Parent/Guardian, Counselor, AP Teacher, and Administrator must be held in order to request the course to be dropped.

Once tentative schedules are distributed, Seniors and ITEC Juniors will be required to sign addendums to their Abbreviated Schedule Contracts (if applicable) that specify the exact times on their abbreviated schedule.

Fall 2021 – Elective Change Requests

Elective changes will not happen until students return to school in the fall. More information will be sent out about elective change requests at a later date.

Please contact your student’s school counselor if you have any questions about the placement process.

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