Service Hours

Student Service Learning Hours



PGCPS Service Pre-Approval Form (To be filled out ahead of service with a new organization to ensure you will get credit for your hours)

Traditional PGCPS Service Hours Form

COVID-19 PGCPS Service Hours Form

General Information

All students are required to complete 24 independent service learning hours. In order to earn these hours, students must volunteer with nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations.

Students must pick up and fill out a Student Service Learning form (found at the School Counseling Office) or print one of the forms from above in order to earn service hours. Forms must be signed by the student, their parent/guardian, and the supervisor at the organization they volunteered with (or just the student and their parent/guardian for the COVID-19 form).


Deadlines for submission of the Student Service-Learning Forms are listed below. Students must submit their forms by these deadlines within the academic year that they completed the hours. Late/Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Deadline #1: October 15 (for any independent hours obtained between July and August 30 of the current year)

Deadline #2: January 31 (for any independent hours obtained between September 1 and January 31 of the current academic year)

Deadline #3: July 15 (for any independent hours obtained between February 1 and June 30 of the most recent academic year)