Studio Magic 


CLUB NAME: Studio Magic 
MEETING DAY(S) : Tuesday


The purpose of this club is to offer a comfortable environment where students will be able to express themselves fully in any art medium they desire. We wish to create a group where you’re allowed to share your creative ideas!


This art club is a place where students can express themselves creatively and strengthen their skills. This club is meant to bring the best out of CMIT artists. An art club will be beneficial on many levels for artistic students. Members will collaborate with each other to strengthen their techniques and learn new ones. It’s a great way to expand their portfolio, their experience and create strong bonds with each other. 


1 To help all kids feel comfortable and to help them be able to express themselves in their own ways.  
2 For Kids to come and make friends with others who share the same interest as them. 
3 An opportunity for kids who want to come and learn more about art and its criteria. 



How can this club support the school website and the school`s social media accounts?

We could draw attention to it with the different designs we could do for the websites. Also helping out with posters or any school design. 


How can this club support school activities such as;

Spirit Week, BHM, Open House, CMIT club expo, etc?


This club is perfect for all school events! We’re able to offer decorations for all events, and help the school look more amazing. We are able to create posters, banners, cutouts, creative prints, paintings, basically anything that’s in our field! 


  1. Being respectful of all members, including their ideas, opinions, and art pieces.
  2. Never speak negatively about your art.
  3. Be Creative.
  4. Make sure to be yourself rather than whatever’s popular. 
  5. DON’T compete with anyone.
  6. Be encouraging. 
  7. Don’t give up if you’re stuck.
  8. Learn the fundamentals. 
  9. Watch your ego.
  10. DON”T GIVE UP. 
  11. Always do your best. 
  12. No plagiarism
  13. Have a portfolio to help keep track of any art pieces. 
  14. Must attend club meetings, unless excused with absence.


OCT 5-9 Meeting: 

Welcoming and introductions

  • going over rules and expectations
  • Reviewing supplies 
  • Hearing opinions from members
OCT 12-16


10/16: schools closed for students


Planning out and sketching ideas for layered 3D Halloween cutout. 

  • Discussing materials required
  • Reviewing each other’s ideas and sketches

(Note: If any members do not have materials, we will help figure out a solution)

OCT 19-23 Objective: 

  • Start cutting out the sketches 
OCT 26-30 Objective:

Finishing up the cut outs and share out the finished pieces

  • 10/26: Finishing up
  • 10/30: sharing out the finished products

(Note: Constructive criticism will occur to help members improve their art quality) 

NOV 2-6


10/6: 2hr. Early dismissal for Students

Second Meeting: 

  •  Start discussing what we are going to do for this month
  • give a brief run over of rules 
NOV 9-13 Objective:

           We will discuss the meaning of thanksgiving and the history behind this holiday to make the craft we have in mind for this month.

  • Share the slides of what we prepared 
  • Start sketching out the designs of the teepees
NOV 16-20 Objective: 

Sketching and planning out 

NOV 23-27


11/25-27: Schools are closed


  • Finishing up the Teepees 
  • Showing off to peers
  • Constructive criticism

Talk about upcoming art competition

  • Members will choose an emotion and paint it as best and detailed as they can
  • Medium must be acrylic paint
  • Prize: TBD
NOV 30-DEC 4 Third Meeting:

Discussing and reviewing the activities for this month

  • Going over google slides to go into full depth of expectations

(Zoom: member will all participate with ideas)

DEC 7-11


12/11: Schools are closed


Show competition results

  • Will review and showcase all submissions
  • Will do constructive criticism to help give feedback
DEC 14-18 Objective: 

  • Doing paint based winter drawing prompts.
  • Members will choose one prompt and paint it 
  • (either watercolor or acrylic) 
DEC 21-25



Winter Break


  • Doing a monochromatic drawing based on the theme of “Winter”
  • Can be completed with any medium chosen
  • Has to have background and foreground 


JAN 4-8 Fourth Meeting:

Painting a self portrait of you and your favorite character

  • Google slides review and expectations
  • Brief overview of rules
  • Announce the winner of the competition 
JAN 11-15 Objective:

Sketching out and planning 

  • choosing a character who you think you would best get along with (can be from a show or movie or book)
  • Background is required
  • Medium will be colored pencils and markers


Members will each explain how they would get along with said character; brief talk each)

JAN 18-22


01/18: MLK Jr. Day, schools are closed


Continuing and starting final piece

  • Will begin final draft 
  • Will check progress through call
  • Begin coloring and outline


Members will upload their progress through google classroom)

JAN 25-29 objective:

Finishing up and sharing 

  • members will finish up 
  • Will share 
  • Upload the final product on google classroom and screen share their pieces.
FEB 1-5 Fifth Meeting:

Going over Black History month and discussing important past and present models.

  • discussing each member’s favorite actor, artists,dancer,rapper, etc..
  • Will be a black and white project.
FEB 8-12 Objective:   

Finishing up on celebrity portraits

  • finish black and white drawing
  • Discussing opinions and sharing art works
FEB 15-19


02/16: 2hr delay 


Short drawing prompts 

  • members will choose prompts and draw them
  • Coloring is optional but could be shaded with pencil
FEB 22-26 Objective: 

Making a strip comic 

  • could be digital or on paper
  • Making a comic about anything
  • Coloring is option
MAR 1-5 Sixth Meeting:  

Historic review of St. Patrick’s day

  • Activity review for the rest of month
  • Expectations

Announce new competition

  • Members will create a splashed watercolor piece based on which animal best represents the member.
  • MUST be in watercolor
  • Prize: TBD 
MAR 8-12 Objective:

  • students will sketch out their picture resembling what they think happened when St. Patrick came back home. or a picture representing this day.
MAR 15-19 Objective: 

  • students will start drawing or painting their sketches.
  • They can use any type of paper.
  • Get creative
MAR 22-26 Objective:

  • students will start sharing their art pieces 
  • Constructive criticism 

Competition submission

  • Talk about the submissions
  • Scan and share on social media
APR 6-9 Seventh Meeting:

Perspective painting

  • Discussing the different perspective 
  • Using reference to create perspective 
  • Competition results!
APR 12-16 Objective:

Doing practice sketches of different perspective 

  • Members will chose between an object or a living thing and draw different perspectives
  • A total of 5 quick sketches
  • Will upload a picture on google classroom 
  • Members will draw one of the sketches perspectives and transfer it to a larger piece.
APR 19-23 Objective:

Continuing the transfer sketch

  • Drawing the perspective
  • Beginning to paint (watercolor or acrylic)
APR 26-30 Objective:

Finishing and discussing 

  • Will continue painting and finishing up
  • Will showcase their final paintings
  • Discuss the process they went through
MAY 3-7 Eighth Meeting:   

Observing different art styles

  • Show different art styles and compare their own styles
  • Members will try drawing in a completely new style
  • Will do a quick drawing in the new style
MAY 10-14 Objective:   

Members will choose a favorite film and draw a scene from it

  • Doing a sketch
  • Outlining and coloring it
  • Upload to google classroom
MAY 17-21 Objective:

Members will reflect on the school year and draw their favorite memory

  • medium is up to student
  • Can be out or school or in school
MAY 24-28 Objective: 

Saying goodbye and thanking

  • members will say their favorite memory of the club and their favorite activity